Checkpoint Systems expand on HALO software platform

Checkpoint Systems has announced the expansion of its HALO Internet of Things (IoT) RFID software platform with the release of HALO 12.2.0, including a number of new features. According to the team, the new platform has improved replenishment capabilities and expanded language options for increased usability and quicker international rollout capabilities while also offering extended enterprise reporting and enhanced omnichannel in-store fulfilment capabilities.

The latter enables retailers to better support omnichannel in-store, delivering improved financial performance and an enhanced customer experience. A key new benefit of HALO 12.2.0 is a replenishment feature that aggregates and lists the products to be picked, grouping single items together, as opposed to individually, speeding up e-commerce processes.

The store employee also has an option to pick items or model SKU depending on their product master, making the process of locating stock and delivering it to the shop floor significantly easier and more efficient. Not only does this reduce time and improve in-store operations, it also means customer wait time is reduced, improving the in-store experience.

“With a regular cadence, Checkpoint provides ever-expanding capabilities of the HALO RFID Software platform, said Phil Fisher, HALO Software Product Director at Checkpoint Systems. “We have a technical team dedicated to constantly developing and improving the features so we can plan and release updates, delivering changes that have a positive impact on retailer operations. As a result, HALO will continue to evolve and help retailers improve their financial performance, support omnichannel and enhance consumer experiences.”


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