Chubb’s new Sales Academy is helping to train great leaders


Chubb has created a brand-new training programme to equip its sales managers with the coaching skills and behaviours they need to lead, inspire and professionally develop their sales teams in a post-covid world.

The coaching programme has been designed in collaboration with the Professional Sales Academy (PSA), an industry leader in accredited sales education and partner to the Institute of Sales Professionals.

21 sales managers from Chubb across the UK and Ireland have the opportunity to personally achieve a Level 5 Sales Coach Accreditation that proves their ability to professionally develop and care for their teams and aligns to Chubb’s commitment to Building Great Leaders.

The programme covers professional standards of coaching that include coaching theory, ways to gain insight and understand the individuals in their teams, key aspects of motivation and positive psychology and the ability to reflect and take ownership of their managerial style. They finish by completing coaching projects from start to finish to embed their new capability.

Alison Matthias, Managing Director of the Professional Sales Academy, said, “Sales is a constant high-performance activity that companies rely on to survive. In many ways it is like elite sports. Like sports, in order to stay high performing, resilient and to find the role enjoyable and stimulating, salespeople need great sales coaches.

“This is all the more important post-covid as sales professionals navigate all the changes it has brought to their personal circumstances and the needs of customers.  Sales managers can’t be expected to do this in the demanding world of sales without receiving high-quality education and coaching support themselves”.

This means that, whilst stretching, the programme is designed to fit around a managers busy day job, using blended learning that includes online masterclasses, workshops, and practical coursework that make the most of on-the-job opportunities for coaching.

Managers have a personal coach and lots of opportunity for peer-to-peer learning. Alison commented, “It sets managers up for a step change in the way they relate to, support and develop their teams to drive sales performance.”

Once complete, the managers will achieve the Level 5 Sales Coach Accreditation. With further study, this qualification can contribute to a Level 5 Sales Coach qualification or be the foundation for a Level 5 Sales Manager Diploma.

Martin Smith, Group Sales Director at Chubb said, “Our purpose is to build great leaders, and this investment in our sales force demonstrates our commitment to give our colleagues all the tools they need to take control of professionalising their sales careers and provide the framework for them to invest in their own sales development and in the people, they are leading.

“I am passionate about raising standards and making Chubb the industry leader when it comes to providing our customers with the best advice to make well informed decisions for their fire and security needs.”

The PSA believe that sales require a unique blend of commercial acumen, product knowledge, influencing skills and emotional intelligence. They show that it needs to be driven by exceptional personal behaviours in order to succeed. It cannot be taught in a few days of traditional classroom training – no matter how good the delivery is.

Research shows that up to 90% of classroom training goes unused, but that this can be turned on its head if delivered in a step-by-step, blended approach over time, giving learners time to be coached to create new behaviours, disciplines and habits.

The training course will take six months to complete, with managers dedicating approximately one hour each week to their studies. Every sales manager at Chubb has the opportunity to undertake this training, enabling them to offer the very best service and advice to Chubb’s customers, as well as boosting their own career aspirations within Chubb.

The Sales Coach programme is the latest training initiative from Chubb, following the Accelerated Development Programme, which was launched earlier this year.


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