Closed Door Security becomes Scotland’s first chartered cyber security business


Closed Door Security has announced its CEO and founder, William Wright, has just been awarded with a Chartership in Cyber Security, turning the company into Scotland’s most highly accredited cyber security firm.

The accreditation was awarded by the Cyber Scheme, which recently became one of the first licensed bodies for Cyber Security Chartership in the UK.

The Cyber Security Chartership scheme has been set up to professionalise the cyber security industry, and much like Chartership in the accountancy industry, today cyber security professionals can sit assessments to gain professional titles, ranging from Associate, Principal to Chartered.

The initiative was launched as a pilot scheme after the UK Cyber Security Council was granted Royal Chartered status, which means it now has the power to set the standards within the industry and award professional titles for those working in the cyber profession. 

Mr Wright is one of first 40 people in the world to achieve Chartership, and is the only person in Scotland, which highlights his depth of knowledge and skills in cyber.

This also offers Closed Door Security clients an enhanced level of service, giving them the confidence that their cyber security is safe in the hands of one of the world’s most highly accredited and professional security testing organisations.

“Cyber security is a major challenge today, and businesses need to have trust that the organisation they enlist to protect their confidential data possesses the skills required to keep it safe. The Cyber Security Chartership scheme will help provide this assurance. I am delighted to be one of the first security professionals in the world to achieve Chartered Status, it is further recognition of my skills and expertise in the industry. I believe these accreditations are vital in helping us hone our skills and gain a competitive advantage on attackers, who work continuously to enhance their attack techniques. If we want to win this race against them, we must be constantly working to advance our skills, always improving, while never letting our guards down,” said William Wright, CEO of Closed Door Security. 

Founded in 2021, Closed Door Security, is an attack-driven cyber specialist which helps improve the security of its clients through red teaming and penetration testing.

Closed Door Security is the only cyber security company based in the Outer Hebrides, and it was recently accredited by the internationally-recognised professional certification board CREST, as being a trusted and expert provider of penetration testing. 

The company experienced significant growth over the last year, increasing its presence in the Middle East, while expanding its workforce and opening new offices in the United States market with Closed Door Security (US) LLC.


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