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The need for organisations to provide security across playing fields, parks, construction sites and any other isolated, remote location, is growing. Such sites are regularly subjected to vandalism, criminal damage, fly tipping and many forms of anti-social behaviour, yet implementing an effective video surveillance system is challenging due to limited resources and a lack of network infrastructure in these areas.

Utilising our approved Premium Installation Partners, the Cloudview CRD solution addresses all the challenges associated with remote location surveillance and is supplied with everything required to record, connect and access video footage in the cloud.

Secured By Cloudview

Furthermore, with Cloudview, you can be assured that your footage is fully is protected by AES 256-bit encryption, supports GDPR compliance and provides you with time-stamped, legally admissible footage when required.

Why Cloudview?

Simple | As Standard

Cloudview’s video surveillance platform allows you to capture, store and manage visual data using the Cloud. In many instances, Cloudview can utilise your existing infrastructure and connect your analogue and/or IP cameras to the cloud, future-proofing your system and reducing the need for expensive capital investment. With flexible storage options and access to your footage at any time, from anywhere, Cloudview places the control of your video security solutions at your fingertips.

Smart | As Standard

Cloudview’s video surveillance platform is designed to be smart. Compatible analogue and IP cameras can be programmed to detect and record specific actionable events – determined by your needs – and upload them to the cloud. Once an event has been captured and stored, automated notifications are sent to authorised personnel so that they can view and assess video footage from wherever they are, before taking appropriate action. New features are automatically made available, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming on-site equipment upgrades.

Secure | As Standard

Cloudview is a surveillance system company built from the ground up: British-made technology with AES 256-bit data security at its heart, Cloudview’s remote cloud video surveillance system makes data compliance easy. Customers choose user permissions, camera functionality and data retention periods to suit their corporate governance policies, safe in the knowledge their GDPR obligations are met. Furthermore, organisations can be assured the Cloudview platform provides time-stamped, legally admissible footage when required.

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