Cloudera finds 80% of IT leaders concerned about compliance as data spirals out of control


New research from Cloudera, the data company for trusted enterprise artificial intelligence (AI), has revealed that compliance is the main concern for 80% of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) when managing data. This comes when the same number of ITDMs (80%) also worry that data is spiralling out of control in their organisation. This is an issue that Cloudera will be discussing at this year’s GITEX Global 2023 trade show, taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre from October 16 to October 20.

The unpublished survey of 850 ITDMs across EMEA reveals that seven out of ten (70%) believe siloed data makes it harder for them to comply with data compliance regulations. Many organisations have deployed multiple-point solutions to help manage data throughout its lifecycle. However, this is driving up complexity, with 92% of ITDMs saying that integrating point solutions for data analytics and management has made compliance more challenging.

● More than three-quarters of ITDMs say integrating point solutions for data analytics and management has driven up the cost of data.
● Organisations spend more than a quarter of their IT budget on managing data.

“With data continuing to scale, compliance remains a significant challenge for many organisations, which is one of the many things we wish to address at GITEX Global 2023. Emerging innovations like AI will add further complexity, and with new regulations on the horizon, remaining compliant will only become more difficult,” says Karim Azar, Regional Vice President of Middle East & Turkey at Cloudera. “Organisations must start to think of data as a product and protect their greatest asset by ensuring that compliance is always on and everywhere.”

‘Integration tax’ is driving up the cost of data

While point solutions can effectively solve specific data processes quickly – giving the illusion of faster time to value – they often increase the cost of data management. With the up-front cost of on-boarding tools, the technical cost of integrating them, and staff requiring specialist training to operate them in the long-term, many organisations are, in effect, paying a ‘data integration tax’.

Research by Cloudera has revealed that more than nine out of ten (92%) of ITDMs believe that integrating point solutions for data analytics and management has driven up the cost of data. All (100%) agree that integrating the different point solutions required for managing data across its lifecycle is challenging, with more than half (58%) finding it a ‘significant challenge’. This leads organisations to spend more than a quarter (29%) of their annual IT budget managing data across its lifecycle.

“To effectively carry out their roles, engineers need access to data from across the organisation and the ability to self-service. However, due to the number of tools organisations deploy for managing data across its lifecycle, this isn’t possible. Each solution requires its own specialist skillset, which takes time and money to learn,” says Karim Azar. “Against this backdrop, organisations must look to modernise their data architectures and end their reliance on point solutions as data demands increase. This will help to reduce the cost integration tax while accelerating data’s time to value.”

At GITEX Global 2023, Cloudera aims to highlight its commitment to innovation while addressing the concerns of IT decision-makers across the region. The company showcases excellence in cloud technology solutions through a scalable, agile, and cost-effective approach to leveraging AI and data.

Research Methodology

Conducted by Coleman Parkes Research, Cloudera’s survey evaluated the opinions of 850 IT decision-makers responsible for data analytics and tooling in their organisation across the EMEA region. Respondents came from organisations with more than 1,000 employees within the following industries: finance, banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail and e-commerce, healthcare and life sciences, government and public sector, technology and software, energy and utilities.  The research was conducted between March and April 2023.

Cloudera invites all GITEX Global 2023 attendees to visit their booths in Hall 16, number H17-B30/H16-B10, and engage with their experts to learn more about these critical topics.

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