Control Access and Reduce Liabilities

The Symmetry Mobile credential management platform delivers a cost-effective and convenient solution for organizations using mobile devices or physical credentials to gain access to secured doors. Frictionless setup of a mobile credential eliminates the need to physically interact with the security team or visit a badging office. The Mobile Credential Portal allows central management of the credentials, photos and devices remotely. New users receive an email notification inviting them to use the app. Once they have downloaded the app, they scan the QR code provided in order to register their credential. Users capture a photo and are ready to go. Symmetry Mobile and the Symmetry Blue Bluetooth reader integrate with Symmetry Access Control, and is capable of integrating with other access control systems, making it an ideal solution for Enterprise users deploying more than one system.

Customizable Questionnaires New in Symmetry Mobile
Organizations can now require employees to fill out a customizable questionnaire on their smartphone before being allowed access into a building. Upon successful completion, their physical or mobile credential will be enabled for a specified period of time, for example, one day. If the form is not completed successfully, the credential will expire and the employee will be denied access to the facility. Email notifications can be sent to managers for visibility.

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