Leadership less involved in cyber-preparedness, despite increased perceived threat, new report finds


According to a new report by CommVault, leadership in companies is not as involved in cyber-preparedness as it could be, despite 61% of organisations believing that data loss from a cyber attack in the next 12 months is, moderately, to very, likely.

Even though business leaders have a clear awareness of the threat of cyber-attacks resulting in data loss, the report found that 67% of CEOs and Managing Directors are involved “occasionally” or less, and 79% of Line-of-Business Leaders are involved on “occasionally” or less.

The report, called The Cyber-Resilient Organization: Maximum Preparedness with Bulletproof Recovery, found that if an attack actually happened, 57% of organisations are still in need of incident response skills, “making the prognosis of a bleak-looking aftermath”.

In his blog on KnowBe4’s website, Stu Sjouwerman said: “Even if an organisation is completely supportive of the cybersecurity strategy, it can’t exist in a technical bubble only. It requires a lot of input – from planning to implementation – to ensure that required business objectives are met as security controls become part of operations and resiliency plans.”

While executive-level involvement doesn’t necessarily equate to a poor preventative and responsive cybersecurity strategy, it does mean planning and execution are done without business oversight. Doing this can potentially put your organisation’s operations at risk post-incident.

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