Cybereason collaborates with Intel

Cybereason will adopt new Intel Hardware Shield protections for ransomware available on the 11th Gen Intel Core vPro mobile platforms. The company states that its multi-layered protection, in collaboration with Intel Threat Detection Technology, will enable full-stack visibility to uncover ransomware attacks.

“This collaboration with Intel to add CPU based threat detection bolsters our long history and industry-leading capabilities in detecting and eradicating ransomware,” said Lior Div, CEO and Co-Founder, Cybereason. “The combination of best-of-class hardware, software, and security know-how provides defenders with full-stack visibility critical to ending the era of double extortion that is currently costing organisations hundreds of millions each year.”

“Ransomware was a top security threat in 2020, software alone is not enough to protect against ongoing threats,” added said Stephanie Hallford, Client Computing Group Vice President and General Manager of Business Client Platforms at Intel. “Our new 11th Gen Core vPro mobile platform provides the industry’s first silicon enabled threat detection capability, delivering the much-needed hardware-based protection against these types of attacks. Together with Cybereason’s multi layered protection, businesses will have full-stack visibility from CPU telemetry to help prevent ransomware from evading traditional signature-based defences.”

Cybereason expects to announce market availability during the first half of 2021.



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