Cypress’ OSDP COMSET configuration tool wins best diagnostic/installation tool in SIA NPS Awards


The OSDP COMSET Configuration Tool, manufactured by Cypress Integration Solutions, was named best in Design, Diagnostic and Installation Tools in the New Products and Solutions Awards at ISC West 2023.

The awards program, hosted by the Security Industry Association, recognises innovative physical security solutions.

Introduced in December 2022, the Cypress OTT-2100 is a portable standalone tool used to configure OSDP readers in the field, and diagnose the state of the OSDP communication between the reader and the controller. 

“Tools, such as the OTT-2100, will help the industry better understand SIA’s OSDP protocol and make its adoption less daunting,” said Jacob LeRoy, Senior Sales & Development Manager for Cypress. “The OTT-2100 automatically finds the baud rate and uses the broadcast address, so you don’t have to know the current settings of the device. You literally just plug it in and go.”

The COMSET Tool’s OSDP polarity-switching feature changes the polarity of the OSDP connection until it establishes communication with the OSDP reader, meaning the tool has to be plugged in only once.

Configuring device addresses and baud rates is simply accomplished using DIP switches. Three RGB LEDs display status of configuration and OSDP communication, and a built-in listening mode is used to monitor whether the OSDP communication session session is functioning normally. The tool is powered by the included 3V coin cell battery (CR2032). 


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