Dallmeier unveils Picoline 5050 series

Dallmeier has launched the Picoline 5050 series of ultracompact fixed dome and varifocal box cameras. According to the manufacturer, the series delivers “5 MP performance in an exceptionally compact format”.

The 5050 series dome cameras are available with compact, sturdy housing variants and have a fixed focus lens with a focal length of 2.5mm. The 5050 series box camera is available in two variants, with a varifocal lens having a focal length of either 3 – 10mm or 12 – 40mm. The cameras are equipped with an H.265 decoder and a high-resolution image sensor. The high resolution of the sensor and the image processing technology enable image capturing in real time with a frame rate of 60fps (1080p/60) or up to 30 fps with a resolution of 4MP. The HDR function captures each image with two settings which are combined in real time to produce what the Dallmeier calls “a well-balanced image that provides much greater detail in both bright and dark areas”.

The integrated real-time video analysis uses analysis functions such as Intrusion Detection or Line Crossing to detect movement and objects in the uncompressed image. When used with Dallmeier recording systems and client software, the “SmartFinder” function also enables semi-automated searching for events.

The camera is equipped with a RAM memory which is activated in the event of a brief network outage. The video stream is transmitted and then integrated automatically in the recording as soon as the connection is restored.



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