DASA launches new security open call

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is launching a new open call that focuses on tackling security challenges in the UK. Known as the Security Rapid Impact Innovations, the call is seeking ideas that could enhance UK security and is related to Home Office, Department of Transport (DfT) and/or other Government Security Departments.

Through this new initiative, DASA is looking for innovations that provide security for the UK and its citizens, which is one of the most important and challenging responsibilities of government and is growing increasingly diverse and complex. DASA is reportedly open to ideas that will seek to enhance understanding of threats to UK security and safety, enable threat prevention, or enhance the threat response and expects that some proposals will be relevant to both defence and security.

Security Rapid Impact Innovations are set to deliver a technology model or prototype demonstration at around Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 or 7, at the end of the contract. This demonstration should be at a limited scale and in the context or environment in which it is expected that the solution would be used.

Candidates’ proposals will need to include:

  • a realistic prospect of achieving an impact within a three year frame from the completion of the project and must complete by March 2024
  • a strong security user requirement and capability need for the idea
  • a further priced option for a Testing and Trialling phase

For the Security Rapid Impact Innovations Open call, a submitted innovation outline is required prior to full proposal submission. The Innovation Partner will contact candidates within 10 working days of the Innovation Outline submission. Once the Innovation Partner has considered an outline, they will advise on whether an idea is suitable for DASA funding and provide guidance on the bidding process.

The closing date for proposals is 8 July 2021. For more information, click here.


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