DataLocker launches its most secure managed large-capacity USB drive

DataLocker has released what it describes as an entirely new breed of encrypted USB drive. The DL4 FE delivers security and remote management in a small-form-factor USB drive with capacities up to 15.3 TB.

“The onslaught of attacks by state actors, hackers and cyber cartels continues,” said Jay Kim, CEO of DataLocker. “Threat actors are trying to exfiltrate terabytes of data to hold for ransom. Some want access to essential IT systems for later exploitation. As an industry, we need more widespread usage of powerful encryption tools that render data completely unusable to all but those who should be using it. These are things we’ve always focused on, but we’re still levelling up our game.

“The new DL4 FE is more than an encrypted drive, it’s a simpler way to secure and manage sensitive data across hundreds of end users and remote locations,” he continues. “We made the DL4 FE for industries with rigid compliance requirements, those with large data sets that must be secure in transit, or for organisations where keeping data secure is how you save lives. We think of the DL4 FE as a way to further our commitment to keeping the world’s most sensitive data simply secure.”

Built to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 device standards and incorporating a Common Criteria EAL5+ certified controller, the DL4 FE is the most secure large capacity USB drive in the DataLocker line. AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption ensures that data on the device is nearly impossible to compromise. It’s also built with a bevy of security features that keep the most sensitive data safe under the most demanding circumstances.

This includes remote device detonation which lets admins functionally destroy the device and its data remotely to protect against data encryption key theft; SilentKill which allows users to destroy device payload and encryption data instantly after entering a special code; randomisable touchscreen keypad which prevents surface analysis of fingerprints or prevents threat actors from guessing repeating input patterns. In addition to these, the device also features physical protection for internal cryptographic modules where the hardened internals and enclosure increase physical security, and on-board anti-malware where McAfee-powered anti-malware protection scans and quarantines or deletes malicious files on the device.

Some of the biggest benefits of the DL4 FE come by way of its remote manageability. Managing the DL4 FE with DataLocker’s management platform SafeConsole makes it easy for admins to set secure policies for drives in the field, remotely wipe or detonate devices, reset passwords, or audit drives to see any data that’s been added, removed, or changed on the device. SafeConsole also allows admins to remotely lock down or whitelist USB ports on endpoints through a feature called PortBlocker.

The DL4 FE is available as a solid-state drive (SSD) as well as a hard disk drive (HDD). Capacities range from 1 TB to 15.3 TB. The DL4 FE connects to systems via USB-C or USB-A and is compatible with most contemporary Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, as well as any machine capable of connecting an external mass storage device.


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