Datapath’s Aetria Touch is now available


Datapath has announced that they have released the latest addition to their Aetria solution, the Aetria touch, which is now readily available. 

Designed to provide quick and easy management of content displayed on any video wall within the Aetria environment, the new Datapath addition is a sleek 10.1” touch panel designed to sit on an operator’s desk or be affixed to a wall, which connects directly to the Aetria control network via an ethernet connection with optional POE.

Datapath claims that it is fully secured using device encryption and Aetria User Rights Management and that users can select the video wall they’d like to manage, while opening and closing layout files as the situation demands.

Access to Layouts, Templates and all source types is available to all Aetria Touch users. The additional, optional Aetria Touch Pro interface allows users to open sources as individual windows and use touch gestures to place them on the wall, sizing and positioning them as needed. 

In addition, the Aetria API has been updated to support finer control and management of video walls, and control of Aligo and Arqa devices.

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