DeepKeep safeguards GenAI with AI-native security


DeepKeep has revealed its new platform, which enables large corporations that rely on AI, GenAI, and LLM to manage risk and protect growth. 

DeepKeep raised $10M in seed funding in a round led by Canadian-Israeli VC Awz Ventures. Established in 2021 by seasoned AI innovator Rony Ohayon, DeepKeep employs GenAI to secure LLM, GenAI and AI to safeguard the entire AI lifecycle, enabling organizations to create bold AI models – providing them with a significant competitive advantage.

As defence needs and budgets grow worldwide and AI security evolves into a regulatory requirement, DeepKeep believe their solution is rising to the challenge.

The platform enables data scientists and CISO teams to gain valuable understanding and insights into AI systems’ risks and challenges, alongside comprehensive protection and alerts.

DeepKeep is a model-agnostic, multi-layer platform that safeguards AI with AI-native security and trustworthiness from the R&D phase of machine learning models through to deployment, covering risk assessment, prevention, detection, and mitigation.

DeepKeep’s platform recently prevented data leakage and stopped an LLM from toxic responses at a large financial institution. It also executed fast object detection on an edge device with GenAI. These successful trials have paved the way to DeepKeep applying GenAI on a wide range of additional use cases. 

AI is becoming an essential part of businesses and everyday lives. In 2023, 35% of businesses adopted AI, while 90% of leading businesses supported AI and invested in it to achieve competitive advantages.

As the adoption of LLMs and generative AI surges in a wide range of diverse applications and industries, so will organisations’ attack surfaces, posing several types of threats and weaknesses.

New risks associated with LLMs are unique beyond traditional, familiar issues, such as cyber-attacks, and include prompt injection, jailbreak, and PII leakage, as well as a lack of trustworthiness due to limited biases, fairness and weak spots.

“Today, I am proud to showcase DeepKeep’s technology and our vision to ensure the responsible and secure development, deployment, and use of AI technologies,” says Rony Ohayon, CEO and Founder of DeepKeep. “DeepKeep offers AI-Native security and trustworthiness that secures AI throughout its entire lifecycle, enabling businesses to adopt AI safely while protecting commercial and consumer data safety.”

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