DEOS closes IT security gaps in building automation with its encrypted Building automation system


German building automation company DEOS.AG has recently announced the launch of its fully encrypted building automation solution, certified with BACnet/SC (Secure Connect).

With the certification of OPENweb-12, an operator workstation software compliant with BACnet rev.22 and BACnet/SC, and OPEN.WRX, a DDC (Direct Digital Control) controller that is the world’s first BACnet/SC-certified Bacnet/SC controller, DEOS.AG believes it addresses the critical issue of IT security in building automation systems.

DEOS.AG’s BACnet/SC-certified portfolio provides IT protection and ensures seamless interoperability with existing automation solutions in buildings. This means that DEOS solution components can be easily integrated into buildings, even in retrofit projects, offering enhanced security and efficiency.

BACnet/SC enables easy, manufacturer-neutral connectivity of segments, networks, buildings, and entire properties, with an added layer of security.

Philipp Wellmann, International Business Developer at DEOS.AG Germany, emphasiaed the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry. Wellmann stated, “As a leading player in the building automation system sector, it is crucial for DEOS to offer a manufacturer-neutral system and encrypted solutions.

“We continuously strive to meet industry demands, and this commitment sets us apart.”


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