DeterTech & Schroders Greencoat: Solar Crime Open Day

Solar crime is on the rise in the UK particularly over the past six months, and the cost incurred by victims is increasing exponentially. 

To tackle this issue, DeterTech and Schroders Greencoat are convening a meeting of Police, industry, and solar operators to discuss solar crime trends and find tactical solutions.

Special guest speakers Detective Superintendent and Head of OPAL (the national intelligence unit) James Taylor, & Richie Iwanoff – Senior Intelligence Lead, BT and founding member of the National Infrastructure Crime Reduction Partnership will be in attendance to answer questions and provide insight into crime trends affecting the solar industry.

Businesses and investors with operations in the solar industry are invited to attend in order to gain a deeper understanding of solar crime trends and activities to reduce them. Attendees can also discuss their concerns with the police and other industry professionals, and receive practical advice on improving their security.

Schroders Greencoat will share the steps that they have taken to reduce crime on their estate, while DeterTech will discuss their ongoing work with the Police to predict, deter and detect solar crime. 

RSVP here and secure your spot at the Solar Crime Open Day.


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