DigiCert announces role in 4.0 project EuProGigant


DigiCert have announced that it will be providing digital trust services to the European Production Giganet (EuProGigant) project. In doing so, DigiCert will be serving a key role in secure data communication and exchange for the manufacturing industry, adhering to European standards of Self Sovereign Identity.

EuProGigant is set to bring about the next step in Industry 4.0 in Europe by demonstrating a shared, intelligent and automated data ecosystem that will drive value creation within the European manufacturing sector.  

This will be the first practical implementation that made Gaia-X grasp and understandable for the manufacturing domain, a framework for federated European data architecture.

DigiCert will be providing its own digital trust services, based on the DigiCert ONE platform, within the EuProGigant’s Federation Services for Secure Identity & Authentication. These include Content and IoT Trust Services and follow eIDAS guidelines for creating verifiable credential wallets as well as the Self-Description Principles of Gaia-X.

Mike Nelson, DigiCert’s Vice President of Digital Trust, said “DigiCert’s role in EuProGigant reinforces its position as a global leader in digital trust and a driver  of digital transformation within the European Manufacturing Industry. We’re proud to be involved in this landmark project and hope that our contributions will pave the way for future innovation with the sector.”

Under the auspices of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), the project is led by Vienna University of Technology and Darmstadt University of Technology.

It involves over 20 companies from within the industrial and technology sectors including well known manufacturing companies such as voestalpine High Performance Metals, Heller and MTU Aero Engines.

The EuProGigant project is meant to be a key foundation of Industry 4.0 in Europe. EuProGigant intends to exhibit how industry can use sovereign data and information exchange with a shared data ecosystem to revolutionise the manufacturing sector.

By automating and improving data driven value chains, EuProGigant estimates that the European manufacturing industry will profit from higher data quality and lower costs. In part, this is meant to allow the European manufacturing industry to compete with low cost manufacturers from emerging markets through innovation and the establishment of stronger connected systems. 

The shared data ecosystem will offer extensive integration for large and small firms along with multidimensional integration of value creation chains.  

To learn more about DigiCert’s role in the landmark EuProGigant project, or how DigiCert provides digital trust for the real world, visit https://www.digicert.com/insights/digital-trust.


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