DigiCert achieves record growth in FY2024


DigiCert has announced an adoption of its Digital Trust solutions as the company closed a record total of new bookings in Q4 of its fiscal year as well as a record number of patents filed.

DigiCert believes that product innovation and key partnerships, coupled with the increasing demand for Digital Trust, were behind the strong customer demand. 

As the need for Digital Trust continues to rise – from quantum computing and connected devices to content provenance – DigiCert claims that they have accelerated their market position, driven record bookings, bolstered its executive bench, expanded innovation, introduced new products to market and earned respected industry recognition. 

“While we experienced a lot of great momentum in fiscal 2024, we are even more excited about the opportunities we see for Digital Trust over the next 24 months as more and more organisations endeavour to become quantum ready, coupled with the growing need for trusted devices and content authenticity,” said Amit Sinha, CEO of DigiCert. “What we’re seeing is a crescendo of trust issues brought by the unintended consequences of innovation and as a long-established provider of the foundation on which trust is built, DigiCert is well positioned to address these issues.”

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