DigiCert unveils DigiCert Automation Manager

DigiCert CEO John Merrill

DigiCert has announced DigiCert Automation Manager, a containerised enterprise solution for on-premises, high-volume TLS certificate automation. Automation Manager paves the way for secure, complete certificate management behind the firewall and on-premises to complement DigiCert’s current cloud offerings.

“Lifetimes for public certificates are decreasing at the same time that organisations are deploying rapidly growing volumes of digital certificates, making automation a necessity,” said DigiCert CEO John Merrill. “Automation Manager is designed to meet our customers’ need to become more efficient and effective in managing their certificates at scale. The architecture provides secure certificate automation on-premises — for any distributed environment.”

Automation Manager calls on DigiCert’s cloud-native architecture and deployment strategies to allow customers to make use of existing cloud infrastructure for a new era of on-premises deployment. According to the manufacturer, it also provides a fast, standards-based deployment mechanism; simplifies certificate administration through a single pane of glass for both public and private certificates; reduces network complexity, requiring only a single, secure API connection on port 443 back to DigiCert, for all of a user’s servers; and currently supports popular load balancers (F5, AWS, A10), with support for popular web servers such as Apache, Nginx and IIS coming soon.

“Automation Manager deploys in a customer’s environment quickly with our innovative use of cloud-native architecture, making provisioning certificates in your network fast, while our single secure connection can meet the most stringent security requirements,” said DigiCert Senior VP of Product Brian Trzupek. “With this release, we are focusing on load balancers and network appliances, and soon will be expanding capabilities to support web servers, including the ones placed behind firewalls.”

Future features are set to expand lifecycle notifications to integrate with a customer’s ITSM environments. Automation Manager users will have access to more powerful cloud and on-premises discovery capabilities, and richer management of certificates, extending automation into additional server and cloud environments with third-party CA imports and operations.

The new service is fully compatible with the CertCentral Automation Wizard. CertCentral Enterprise customers may get access to Automation Manager by contacting their DigiCert account representative.



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