New Digifort Dashboard Tool provides VMS and analytics system health checks


Digifort has unveiled their new Digifort Dashboard Tool (DDT), which enables users to perform VMS and analytics system health checks.

The new tool securely collects data from all the Digifort VMS servers in a system to provide a comprehensive, one-page summary of performance metrics and system health.

DDT is installed on a designated master server and configuration added for other master, slave, analytics and failover servers in the system, and their failover status. In larger applications, multiple master servers, each hosting a specific DDT, can be configured.

“The Digifort Dashboard Tool provides a one-page overview of all aspects of Digifort VMS and analytics systems,” Nick Bowden, MD of Digifort UK, said. “Operators can instantly drill down for more detailed information of any health checks or performance metrics.

“DDT captures a comprehensive range of CCTV system information, including camera function and operational status; users and groups; recording, streaming, connection and dashboard profiles; user events; VMS server status, including CPU, recording, broadband traffic, average frame rate, memory usage and failover; and finally analytics, LPR, viewing and input/output device status.”

The DDT is displayed in the Digifort Viewing Client, or web browsers, and has HTML 5, cross-platform compliance. It is customisable, within saved views, and allows customers to brand the system using their own company name and logo.

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