Digifort has ground-breaking audio functionality, including zoned audio, bi-directional audio, and audio level triggering


Digifort UK’s video management software (VMS) and multi-analytics platform has ground-breaking, audio functionality, supporting a wide range of physical, audio-over-IP devices and has advanced features such as zoned audio, bi-directional audio, public-address functionality, auto-announcements, and audio level triggering as standard.

The audio-over-IP devices integrated within Digifort range from USB microphones, for remote ‘client’ viewing PCs, to an array of IP speakers connected through the VMS network infrastructure, enabling simple installation and PoE convenience, when available.

Nick Bowden, MD of Digifort UK, said, “Digifort’s comprehensive, audio functionality enhances site management, security, and safety. Audio messages can be broadcast to individual ‘speaker’ points on a site or as ‘zoned audio’, to groups of speakers. Pre-recorded, audio announcements can be triggered automatically by site events, such as intrusion or analytics alarms; this is ideal in unmanned systems for issuing intruder warnings, customer service announcements, or site evacuation instructions in emergencies. Additionally, bi-directional, duplex, audio enables operators to talk and listen to people on site, in real time, assisting site visitors with instructions, answering questions, and enabling public-address-type functionality.

“Audio level sensing is yet another powerful feature, where sound levels exceeding a configured threshold, such as raised voices, can trigger alarms. This can be used to warn of aggressive or anti-social behavior, or to simply ‘listen’ for intruders. The same function also detects reduced sound levels, such as machine stoppages, indicating possible process or manufacturing issues.”

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