DoorbellCam from Pyronix for “exceptional functionality and versatility”

Pyronix DoorbellCam

The DoorbellCam from Pyronix stands as an independent security solution, offering exceptional functionality and versatility, Pyronix says company says. It combines traditional doorbell functionality with advanced surveillance features, delivering video verification and app connectivity without the need for full alarm system installation.

According to the brand, its device serves as a powerful deterrent to potential intruders, its presence alone can discourage unwelcome activity, providing homeowners with an effective, additional layer of home security.

A so-called “game-changer” for those seeking standalone security solutions tailored to their specific needs, the DoorbellCam captures high-definition video footage that provides crystal-clear visuals from the front doorstep.

With its built-in mic and speaker, property owners can engage in real-time conversations with visitors. Whether it’s a delivery driver, friend or unexpected visitor, users can interact from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet, enhancing communication and security at home.

The device is equipped with innovative motion detection technology. The DoorbellCam alerts homeowners of any activity that occurs at the main entrance, sending an instant notification via HomeControl2.0 to the user’s mobile phone to ensure prompt awareness of visitors or suspicious movement. What’s more, HomeControl2.0 allows homeowners to monitor their property remotely, giving them control over their home security from anywhere in the world.

The DoorbellCam can also record, playback and store video footage, meaning no important moment or interaction on the doorstep is missed. Whether it’s reviewing footage or retaining evidence of security incidents, the DoorbellCam’s video recording and playback capabilities can provide homeowners with valuable peace of mind.

Installing the DoorbellCam is a breeze, too. Its user-friendly design and straightforward installation process (no wires!) mean the device is up and running in no time, making it a time-effective add-on to maintenance visits.

While the DoorbellCam shines as a standalone product, it also offers seamless integration with existing Pyronix systems. The device can be effortlessly linked to the control panel to provide a comprehensive and unified security solution that enhances the overall safety and security of the property.

The DoorbellCam’s Full-HD camera, two-way audio and motion detection technology make it a top choice for those looking for an independent or integrated solution. With a DoorbellCam in place, users can feel confident that their property is always protected, even when they’re not home.

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