Dragos launches new OT global partner program


Dragos Inc have announced the launch of the Dragos Global Partner Program, which comprises OT cybersecurity technology, services, and threat intelligence.

The Dragos Partner Program extends even further by offering training that prepares partners as experts who can offer their customers assessment services based on Dragos’s proven assessment methodology; resell the Dragos Platform including asset discovery, threat detection, and vulnerability management; and manage deployment for customers.

The Dragos Partner Program enables channel partners to offer their customers the full range of ICS/OT cybersecurity technology and services to increase revenue opportunity and deliver positive customer outcomes.

Partners gain confidence in being backed by Dragos experts, the industry’s largest, most experienced group of ICS/OT security practitioners who’ve been on the frontlines of major cyberattacks on industrial infrastructure.

“Market demand for OT cybersecurity is accelerating as evolving threats, geopolitical dynamics, and regulations shine a spotlight on the need to protect industrial infrastructure,” said Christophe Culine, Vice President of Global Sales and Chief Revenue Officer, Dragos. “With the new Dragos Global Partner Program, we will transfer our knowledge and experience as the industry’s ICS/OT cybersecurity leader to our channel partners, enabling them to fully manage their customers’ deployments with the industry’s most comprehensive and complete ICS/OT security solution.”


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