Dubai Maritime Sector successfully secures nine maritime sites during the 2024 NYE celebrations

Dubai Maritime Sector

The Dubai Maritime Sector played a vital role in ensuring the security of nine maritime sites and 14 events during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in 2024, through the deployment of 16 maritime patrols, comprising 176 personnel and specialised divers from the Maritime Rescue and Maritime Security sections.

Additionally, strategic partners of the Event Security Committee contributed 14 boats to enhance the overall security measures during the events.

Brigadier Hamouda Al Ameri, Head of the Maritime Sector in the Event Security Committee in Dubai, emphasised that the maritime sector had taken proactive measures to prepare the sites 48 hours before the start of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, as per the directives of His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, to present the global event in the best possible manner, showcasing Dubai’s capability to organise large-scale events, and ensuring high readiness and swift response to any emergencies.

He highlighted that the Maritime Sector had secured nine maritime sites and 14 events with joint patrols of the Maritime Security and Maritime Rescue teams, which included skilled rescue divers, boat drivers, Jet Ski operators, and cyclists. 

Al Ameri emphasised that no incidents were reported in the maritime areas during the New Year’s Eve celebrations and praised the active partnership with strategic partners in achieving the goals of the security plan, which aimed to ensure secure and joyful celebrations for spectators across the maritime areas.

He mentioned that each of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and Dubai Civil Defense contributed with four maritime boats. Meanwhile, Nakheel Properties provided six maritime boats.

Al Ameri clarified that two rescuers from the Ports Police Station in Dubai Police, stationed at the Burj Khalifa area during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, to respond to any incidents that might occur in the Dubai Mall Fountain area.

He commended the efforts of all the individuals involved in enhancing Dubai’s reputation as a premier global tourist destination by hosting global mega-events.


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