Dubai Police all-women SWAT team gears up for the UAE SWAT challenge 2024

Dubai Police

The Dubai Police Women’s Team has confirmed their readiness for the second participation in the 2024 Emirates Tactical Teams Challenge, scheduled from February 3rd to 7th at the Al Ruwayyah training facility. This comes after their successful performance in last year’s fourth edition of the challenge.

In their debut at the 2023 UAE SWAT Challenge, the Dubai Police All-women team impressively secured the tenth position overall from 55 competing teams worldwide. They were also highly commended by International SWAT leaders for their performance, advanced training, and skills in tackling various challenges.

Lieutenant Yasser Al Zarouni, the team’s manager, stated that the Dubai Police all-women SWAT team is well-prepared for the fifth edition of the UAE SWAT Challenge, which will be held February 3-7.

“Their preparation aligns with the directives of His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, following the team’s notable achievements in competing against international special operation units and rapid response teams,” he said.

Al Zarouni noted that this year’s participation marks the team’s second challenge, highlighting the increasing global participation in these tactical team competitions.

“In the last edition, the challenge saw 55 teams from Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Latin America, and the United States. We anticipate a more intense and robust competition in the upcoming edition,” he continued.

Eight Highly-Trained Women

Al Zarouni emphasised that the All-Women SWAT Team, consisting of eight exceptionally trained women, has undergone various advanced specialised training programs. These include tactical shooting, breaching, sniping, and endurance, providing them significant experience and readiness to perform complex tasks and participate in international championships.

Up to the Challenge

Lieutenant Afraa Al Naemi, a member of the Dubai Police all-women SWAT team, confirmed their readiness for the fifth edition of the UAE SWAT Challenge. She emphasised the team’s commitment and preparedness to conquer the five challenges, building on the positive outcomes of the previous year.

Al Naemi pointed out that their initial experience in the UAE SWAT Challenge greatly contributed to the team’s development, enhancing their understanding of the operations of tactical teams worldwide and acquainting them with the latest global practices in rapid intervention and special operations.

“The team also gained valuable insights into their efficiency and readiness to handle diverse challenges in the contest, including hostage rescue, assault challenges, officer rescue missions, and high tower navigation,” she said.


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