Eocortex puts Secure Logiq hardware to the test

Eocortex and Secure Logiq are coming together for a one-off online event to test exactly what kind of load modern surveillance systems can handle. Hosted as a free live webinar on December 14th, the two manufacturers will highlight how specialised surveillance servers handle different loads.

The wider the network of video cameras and the more powerful the analytics, the higher the requirements for the data storage and processing system. But just how far can you push a server that is designed for HD surveillance. Secure Logiq and Eocortex will attempt to demonstrate this live, and see how Secure Logiq’s hardware handles complex data analysis driven by Eocortex software on December 14, 2021 at 11 UTC.

During the load test, various video analysis solutions from Eocortex, a global manufacturer of video surveillance software, will be launched on Secure Logiq servers. The maximum level of complexity will be presented by the operation of Eocortex’s face recognition module – the most feature-packed and, as a result, the most resource-intensive product it has to offer. All products will be fairly tested under different loads.

“We are excited to be taking part in such an interesting proof of concept demonstration,” noted Secure Logiq’s Robin Hughes, who will be presenting at the webinar. “We are confident that our servers can handle whatever load is thrown at them, and that is why we wanted to take part in this live demonstration. We feel that this kind of event will highlight the need for servers that have been optimised for video surveillance and show how efficient a well-designed security solution can be.”

The results of the load test will highlight the best way to assemble an effective video surveillance system to meet the needs of any application.

Registration for the free webinar on December 14th at 11 UTC is required.

To register, click here: https://events.webinar.ru/5313721/9605213?utm_medium=website-sl&utm_campaign=eo-sl

For further information visit: www.securelogiq.com


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