eufy Security unveils line of dual camera home security devices


eufy Security have unveiled a new range of dual-camera devices. The devices in this new lineup feature both a wide-angle and a telephoto lens, enhancing the surveillance capabilities.

Additionally, the series introduces eufy Security’s proprietary AI cross-camera tracking, a groundbreaking feature that seamlessly tracks people and events across multiple devices, delivering a single auto-edited video notification to the user.

eufy Security’s new dual camera lineup includes:

  • SoloCam S340 – Wire-free and solar powered, this device features 3K resolution and a 360-degree AI assisted pan and tilt camera
  • Floodlight Cam E340 – 3K camera featuring 24/7 hour recording and a 360-degree AI assisted pan and tilt camera
  • Indoor Cam S350 – 4K and 8X zoom with a 360-degree AI assisted pan and tilt camera
  • Video Doorbell E340 – 2K camera with color night vision and a dedicated second 1080p camera for AI package and human detection

“eufy Security’s latest dual-camera device lineup signifies a major advancement in home security. These devices seamlessly integrate superior camera optics with advanced AI, effectively eliminating blind spots and significantly reducing notification frequency,” stated Frank Zhu, eufy Security’s General Manager. “Integrating this innovative technology across our complete range of indoor and outdoor devices empowers consumers to monitor and protect every aspect of their property.”

AI Cross-Camera Tracking Turns Multiple Feeds into One Video Notification

eufy Security’s new dual-camera devices introduce the security industry’s first cross-camera tracking technology (1) powered by AI. This technology syncs seamlessly with the HomeBase S380 (HomeBase 3), enabling the data hub to merge video clips from multiple cameras into a single, streamlined user notification.

This innovative feature harnesses AI to track events and individuals across various eufy devices placed across homes or business properties. It then automatically compiles videos of the same event and person, organising them chronologically into a single clip. This provides a seamless, comprehensive view of movement and activity, effectively reducing blind spots.

Local Edge Security with BionicMind AI and Free 24/7 Recording

Each device within the dual-camera lineup can be easily paired with eufy’s HomeBase S380 data hub, enabling access to expandable local storage of up to 16 TB (2)– sufficient for up to six months of round-the-clock recorded video data, all with no monthly fees.

The HomeBase S380 utilizes advanced BionicMind AI machine learning technology to identify familiar faces, body shapes, and positions. Whenever someone enters the camera’s field of view, their facial features, body, and movements are analysed and stored in the HomeBase S380. The continuous influx of information refines the hub’s analysis, achieving up to 99% accuracy over time.

BionicMind’s facial recognition capabilities assist users in categorising past video footage, labelling them as family members, friends, or frequent visitors. The synergy between HomeBase S380, BionicMind, and the eufy Security app enables the system to distinguish and promptly notify users of any unfamiliar individuals or potential intruders detected in the vicinity of their property, all through a single, user-friendly interface.


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