Euralarm announces Innohome as new member

Euralarm has welcomed Innohome as a new member that will now join the fire section of the company, following a decision of its Board. Innohome will now benefit from the monitoring of legislative and standardisation issues and will have access to the network of national associations in the electronic fire safety and security sectors.

Innohome is a Finnish company making smart, preventive fire safety products such as Stove Guards and Smart Smoke Alarms. Unattended cooking/stove fires are in many countries the biggest single reason for home fires. In Norway, which is Innohome’s main market, the stove guards are already a commonplace and mandatory to all new and renovated homes.

In 2015, the Innohome Stove Guard was the first one to fulfil the requirements of the newly published European standard for stove guards (EN 50615). The simple idea behind the two products is to detect a fire hazard, alarm about it and to cut the electricity supply to the stove or other electrical device before a fire can start. Innohome’s latest products, the electric vehicle charging stations for homes, are also tackling a fire safety issue since too many people charge their vehicle directly from a standard electrical outlet, causing a risk of fire.

By joining Euralarm, Innohome will reportedly get a unique insight into what is happening on other European markets and the opportunities that they might offer. They should now be able to tap into political expertise and understanding of the EU policy and can make personal connections with technical and political experts and potential business partners.


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