Euralarm announces Jon Könz as new President

During the 51st General Assembly of Euralarm, the members have chosen Jon Könz as new President of Euralarm. He succeeds Martin Harvey who was President for the past 3 ½ years. Before being elected President Jon Könz was chair of the Services Section of Euralarm. He is head of Industry Affairs at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

The 2021 General Assembly was held in Brussels where the outgoing President praised the work that was done in fostering internal communications in times when more and more people were bound to their (home) office and much of the communications takes place via online communication platforms. Nevertheless, the association succeeded in aligning opinions and developing clear priorities shared across the whole scope of the industries represented by Euralarm: product and system manufacturers, installers, integrators, service providers, and national associations from all over Europe.

Having added more than 10 new members over the past years, Euralarm now represents a bigger share of the industry, allowing the association to exert more influence at European level. Under Euralarm’s umbrella model, different industry disciplines are represented by distinct Sections with separate membership, but they work together in their high-level dialogue with institutional players and other European stakeholders.

The General Assembly also elected Anja Schäfer (JCI) as chair of the Marketing Committee whereas Dominique Taudin (Carrier) will remain as chair of the Advocacy Committee.

On the following day, section chairs and vice chairs were elected or re-elected by their respective section members. Neil Budd (FIA) was elected vice chair of the Fire Section, Milan Ceeh (AGA) will be the acting chair of the Security Section with Oscar Feijo Jimenez (Verisure) as vice chair. Robert Thilthope (FIA) will succeed Jon Könz as chair of the Services Section with Victoria Ferrera Lopez (Verisure) as vice chair. Alan Elder (JCI) and Tornbjörn Laursen (SikkerhedsBranschen) will remain as chair and vice chair of the Extinguishing Section.


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