Evolv announces Express 7.0, with latest version of AI-based detection algorithm and updated tablet software


Evolv Technology has unveiled the latest software update to its Evolv Expres system, including enhancements to the detection algorithm and a refreshed tablet user interface.

These improvements enhance operational efficiency for security professionals and system operators. Evolv customers have access to ongoing improvements several times a year through their subscription.

Evolv Express is used in hundreds of stadiums, arenas, performing arts centres, schools, hospitals, and public spaces around the country, offering an advanced security layer that creates safer spaces in a respectful and efficient manner.

Frontline security staff play an important role in managing the technology and operations that are used in keeping weapons out of venues.

Simple, easy to learn, and easy to operate technology interfaces help to improve efficiency and facilitate on-task attention. Reducing security staff stress and making their role more efficient is one key to mitigating security risks in venues.

Through the Express tablet, operators of the systems can easily identify threats in an unbiased way, direct to secondary screening as needed, and begin a targeted search – all of which helps to expedite the security process and threat resolution.

“This latest update underscores Evolv’s dedication to advancing technology as well as our commitment to improving support for the people and processes involved in a security plan based on valuable customer feedback. Customers can easily train new Express operators and more quickly address alerts as people move through the system,” said Evolv co-founder Anil Chitkara. “The new tablet user interface has been redesigned to prioritise the needs of operators.”

Key enhancements in the Express 7.0 include:

  • Improved Operations: The new tablet interface boasts more efficient identification of alerting individuals and improved alert resolution workflow and threat categorization.
  • Simplified Home Screen: The home screen now includes the essential information required for operators to perform their tasks.
  • Enhanced Flow Control Alert Screen: The introduction of a new flow control alert screen can streamline the management of visitors requiring secondary screening.
  • Modern Look and Feel: The new interface delivers a more visually appealing and intuitive user experience.
  • Updated Detection Algorithm: Evolv is committed to regularly enhancing our AI-based algorithm’s ability to detect potential threats, while simultaneously reducing the frequency of nuisance alarms. Express 7.0 reduces nuisance alarms, which meaningfully enhances the visitor experience.

“Ongoing detection upgrades available through our SaaS model set Evolv apart. Additionally, the guard and visitor experience is enhanced by quickly pinpointing the threat location on an individual,” said Mike Ellenbogen, co-founder, and chief innovation officer at Evolv Technology. “By providing clear visual evidence for noninvasive secondary screening, it can drive operational efficiency.”

“We know the Evolv team is always working to improve and update their security software. The enhancements to the detection algorithm benefit our overall security program and the entry process for our fans,” said Pete Nesbit, SVP, Ballpark Operations, Boston Red Sox.

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