Evolv Technology releases newest enhancement to AI-based weapons detection


Evolv Technology have announced the release of Evolv Express 6.0, an upgrade to the system used by top theme parks, stadiums, arenas, schools, hospitals, warehouses and performing arts venues to help make places safer.

Evolv Express uses powerful sensor technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide an intelligent, respectful, and unbiased screening solution that offers more accurate threat detection to screen people at the pace of life.

Express 6.0 launches with enhanced threat detection and new deployment size selections for venues that may have physical space constraints, such as schools and healthcare facilities.

These upgrades, designed to expand installation options and enhance detection capabilities across a broader spectrum of threats, are offered to the entire fleet of over 2,000 Express systems currently deployed by Evolv customers.

“Our customers realise that a static, ‘one size fits all’ piece of hardware cannot keep up in today’s world,” said Peter George, president & CEO of Evolv Technology. “This latest upgrade represents yet another example of our team’s continued full solution investment which is provided to our customers as part of their ongoing SaaS (software as a service subscription) with Evolv.”

The enhanced detection provided by Express 6.0 is a result of Evolv’s ongoing commitment to partnering with customers to continually improve the system’s artificial intelligence (AI).

Evolv Express is the only advanced weapons detection screening system to receive the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology and is being deployed by security professionals around the county to help add a layer of security that affords a respectful and efficient screening process.


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