FSP provides maximum security for Big Data facility

FSP’s Fab Secure security covers are being installed at London9, a Virtus Data Centre in Slough, to help keep important data and IT infrastructure safe and secure. 21 of the manufacturer’s flush fitting solid top covers will be used at the facility, which has 10,000 square metres of technical data centre space and 24MW of IT load capacity. London9 will be used to store sensitive, business critical data for companies and organisations, so making sure the site is secure is absolutely essential.

With this in mind, the operators Virtus have chosen to fit the Fab Secure Flush Fitting covers, with a 600x600mm clear opening. The hinged covers have torsion spring assist openings, a neoprene seal to prevent the ingress/egress of liquid or gases and an internal hinged ladder-style grill to prevent access. The covers also have a recessed padlock facility and will be supplied with heavy duty Abloy PL350 padlocks for added security.

“FSP has gained a reputation in providing high security products for critical asset protection and our Fab Secure range has been used by the utility and water industries for many years to secure their assets,” said Managing Director Richard Hilton. “Now, Big Data is such big business that data centres need that same level of protection, and we were more than happy to provide our most secure solution to VIRTUS to give them peace of mind that their clients’ data is safe.”



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