Graymatics AI video analytics works with Nx


Network Optix (Nx) have revealed that the AI video analytics by Graymatics are compatible with Nx. Graymatics is a cognitive multimedia processing company that leverages deep learning AI technology to transform images and videos into meaningful granular data, particularly in the CCTV base.

Graymatics IVaaS Platform is integrated with Powered by Nx products via the HTTP REST API. Once configured, video streams recorded in the Nx system are sent to the Graymatics cloud to be analysed in real time by the Graymatics video analytics platform. Once an event is detected, the corresponding metadata is sent to the Nx System via HTTP,  where it is stored under the associated event name. Users can designate certain Actions to be triggered in response to detected events in the Nx desktop client.

Graymatics IVaaS Platform is a cloud-based Video Analytics platform that leverages AI and deep learning technology to transform images and videos into meaningful granular data.

Graymatics primarily offers CCTV based solutions designed to enable users to draw critical insights from their existing infrastructure with the power of video analytics. Data gathered is detailed in dashboards for operator review.

Graymatics AI Video Analytics solutions include:

  • Urban Vision – video analytics solution for smart cities with two branches: Smart Infrastructure and Smart Public Services. This includes traffic detection, vehicle identification, social distancing, violence, vandalism, people counting, restricted zones and many more.
  • LabVista – video streaming analysis solution for smart laboratories and factories that helps with smart manufacturing, staff & visitor analytics, detection of workplace accidents, process optimisation, machinery supervision, smoke, and fire detection, quality control and safety gear compliance, access control, attendance Management, restricted areas and infrastructure.
  • SiteInsights – helps to build managers keep track of safety and security concerns when operating at all times.
  • VistaMart – video analytical solution to make retail services smarter, more profitable, and effective. It uses cognitive media analytics for store Information, customer and staff tracking, customer demographics, evaluation of products and brands, inventory management, people counting, timeout, alerts with theft, vandalism, compliance with social distancing and restricted zones.
  • Puerto Vista/Smart Port – video analytical solution to enhance the security and surveillance of shipping ports through a host of features like vehicle, safety, port, and COVID analytics. This includes monitoring illegal parking, social distancing and improving vessel detection and access management.
  • G- Safe/Smart Bank – unlocks visual media content through cognitive media analytics by analysing customer profiles, dwell time, queue patterns, abandoned objects detection, etc. and then displaying them through easy-to-understand dashboards for decision-making and alert generation.

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