HID, CERTIFY Health and CTS join forces


HID has announced a collaborative self-service patient engagement and facial recognition with CERTIFY Health and CTS.

The collaboration offering is designed to enhance healthcare operations and administer an improved patient service at every touchpoint.

This advanced, secure self-service experience will be spotlighted at the HIMSS 2024 Global Health Conference and Exhibition, March 11-15 in Orlando – Booth #863. 

WHAT: HID embeds its U.ARE.U Camera Identification System featuring highly accurate facial recognition capabilities with CERTIFY Care software running on CTS patient check-in kiosks.

This state-of-the-art patient engagement platform is currently in use across major healthcare organisations. Key functionalities include patient onboarding, biometric authentication, patient communications, digital forms, appointment scheduling and management, and payment collection. 

WHY: Biometric-based patient verification is fast, accurate and easy to use. When biometric verification is administered within healthcare environments, there’s a significant boost to the well-being of patients and practices. Overall engagement is elevated on both sides of the reception desk with:

  • Convenient self-service for patients: Intuitive, simple solutions empower users with fast, convenient identification and decreased wait times.
  • Positive patient identification: Authenticate and verify patient identity before treatments to improve patient care and safety.
  • Accurate medical records management and deduplication: Drive efficiencies by tying one-face to one-record to avoid multiple patient files due to human error, changes in name/address/email, etc.
  • Medical fraud prevention and investigation: Deliver irrefutable proof of presence when it comes to patient identification and verified eligibility of care. 
  • Touchless, hygienic authentication: Propel patient safety with high-performing facial recognition that’s swift, seamless and straightforward for patients and practitioners. 

HOW: HID’s U.ARE.U Camera Identification System fuses AI with multispectral imaging (MSI) technology and modern machine-learning algorithms to accurately identify and authenticate individuals.

Combined with CERTIFY Health’s platform and CTS’ customisable self-service kiosk, the solution delivers a secure, frictionless patient experience while offloading the burden on administrative staff and shortening patient wait times.                

Additional points of excellence afforded by integrating the HID U.ARE.U Camera Identification System into leading software platforms and self-service kiosks include:

  • Top NIST ranking for face-matching performance and accuracy
  • Ethically trained and built AI to reduce matching bias
  • Advanced ‘in-the-wild’ recognition (precise capture and authentication regardless of variances in lighting, backgrounds, pose, expression, etc.)
  • Robust presentation attack detection against spoofs (PAD detects spoof attempts using 3D masks, high-quality photos or digital images to trick the system)
  • On-device (edge) biometric processing (reduces bandwidth constraints, improves performance, and enhances security and privacy)
  • flexible, customisable and cost-efficient patient engagement upgrade

WHEN: This progressive patient-centric offering will be on display at HIMSS 2024, March 11-15, from the CERTIFY Health Booth #863.

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