HID pioneers cloud-based uniform inventory management and lifecycle solution


HID, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions and textile services management, has released InvoTech Cloud, a pioneering, end-to-end cloud-based solution to help hospitality and healthcare facilities more easily track and trace employee uniforms from purchasing through daily use to final discard.

Designed to streamline uniform inventory management, InvoTech Cloud empowers laundry and housekeeping managers with real-time visibility into inventory levels, usage patterns, and replacement needs. This could translate to preventing overcharges and optimising costs. By tracking uniforms throughout laundry activities and enabling clear assignment tracking, InvoTech Cloud can also foster employee accountability, HID says.

As the core of the solution, the user-friendly software offers automated reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into uniform usage trends and automated workflows, helping laundry and housekeeping managers to identify areas for further optimisation, HID adds.

“The InvoTech Cloud system is a great resource for Cintas and our uniform rooms. It offers a portable solution for tracking garments between the room, employees and laundry. With its web-based capabilities, our leaders can access information while off site, increasing the value of the program. Its scanning device is easy to use and the Invotech IT department offers great support. We are excited to integrate this technology into our uniform rooms,” explains Melissa Harsh, Regional Manager of Onsite Solutions Design Collective for Cintas, a large provider of uniforms for a wide range of industries.

“Traditionally, uniform management in hospitality and healthcare has been a labor-intensive and error-prone process,” explains Oswald Lares, Director of Strategic Partnerships for HID Textile Services. “Laundry and housekeeping managers can now focus on their core duties while gaining valuable insights to optimize uniform purchases, prevent losses, and ultimately save their organisations significant time and money.”

InvoTech Cloud is designed to be easy to use and simple to install, providing a comprehensive set of uniform inventory management functionalities, including powerful dashboards and reports. Benefits may include:

  • Elimination of Uniform Losses: Help eliminate unaccounted losses associated with employee and daily laundry activities.
  • Reduction of Purchases: Help reduce annual purchases by informing on what items to replace to maintain quality standards.
  • Improvement in Labor Productivity: Help increase labor productivity by eliminating certain manual tasks and automating record-keeping.
  • Lowering of Laundry Expenses: Help reduce laundry expenses by controlling cleaning activity and preventing overcharges from outside laundries.

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