HID Global’s TouchChip series earns level 1 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD)

HID Global has announced the TouchChip TC series of capacitive fingerprint sensors has been awarded Level 1 certification by iBeta Quality Assurance. Conducted in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107-3, the award affirms the device can function to the highest standards, achieving 0% penetration during repeated test spoof attempts.

“We design our identity verification solutions to serve as a natural extension to users’ security systems and applications, with a commitment to produce products with outstanding accuracy, reliability and secure access,” said Vito Fabbrizio, Managing Director, Biometrics Business Unit, Extended Access Technologies, HID Global. “This Level 1 ISO PAD designation from iBeta confirms the diligence and purposeful security efforts our engineers built into the TouchChip product family to deliver trustworthy authentication across banking, government, healthcare, legal, retail and other industries where fingerprint verification drives efficiencies and prevents fraud.” 

The TouchChip sensor reportedly provides quick and reliable biometric authentication and is ideal for high-traffic environments such as point-of-sale and multi-user applications utilising virtualisation platforms such as Citrix or VMWare. Patented authentication technology captures high-quality images for a variety of fingerprint and liveness detection verification uses. It is recommended that PAD testing be applied to all devices where security is a priority due to the importance of biometrics technology when faced with attempts to gain unauthorised access through the use of fake fingerprints.

Testing was conducted on the EikonTouchTM Model TC510-A3 sensor and associated TCS PAD Emulator v0.05 Windows 10 application in April 2021. iBeta was unable to gain unauthorised access through 360 presentation attacks (PAs) with six species of attack. The PA success rate resulted in 0%. The Imposter Attack Presentation Match Rate (IAPMR) was also 0%, demonstrating no unauthorised access was achieved with the artefacts applied.

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