HID adds RAIN RFID UHF Reader to product range


HID has announced the latest addition to its range of readers, the TSL 3166 Bluetooth Rugged RAIN RFID UHF Reader, a high-performance reader for efficient inventory management, supply chain tracking, and asset management, even in challenging conditions.

WHAT: Using the latest generation of Impinj silicon, the TSL 3166 Reader is super-fast with read rates of up to 1,200 tags per second, combined with a longer battery life than previous models.

The per-tag batch commands capability streamlines memory management, improves efficiency and reduces processing time. Additionally, built-in hardware de-duplication prevents overwhelming the connected host with information. 

Beyond reading and writing to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and Gen 2V2 tags, the 3166 reader can be configured with high-performance 2D data scanning. This versatility empowers users in various applications to capture comprehensive data with a single device. The reader’s ergonomic design minimises user effort during extended use.

WHY: Maximised efficiency and insights are present in other features as well. During a single inventory scan, field service professionals can perform multiple actions on each tag, including: reading data points from multiple memory bank areas, writing new information, or locking the tag for security. 

For more granular insights, the reader can be integrated with HID passive sensor transponders (and others) to monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, strain, and acceleration. Plus, its rugged design and high resistance to water, dust, and mechanical trauma ensures reliable operation even in the harshest environments.

HOW: Featuring the latest Impinj E710 core combined with TSL’s powerful electronic design and proprietary ASCII protocol, this reader offers seamless integration with various operating systems.

This empowers users to leverage the full potential of HID/TSL’s software ecosystem regardless of the existing platform. It features better rate of tag acquisition in high-density tag environments and 10 times better de-duplication performance. A high-capacity battery with 34% more battery life provides nonstop operation of the reader over the full working day.

WHEN: This next-generation RFID Reader will be on display at several HID events this year. Users can get hands-on interaction with the 3166 reader and HID RFID tags at Modex, March 11–14 in Atlanta, and at LogiMAT, March 20–22 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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