Hikvision announce new models of PanoVu Panoramic cameras

Hikvision has announced an expansive lineup of PanoVu panoramic cameras that can reportedly allow facilities to monitor vast coverage areas without having to invest in purchasing and installing dozens of surveillance cameras. The new PanoVu series features up to 32 megapixels of resolution and are available in a variety of 180° or 360° configurations and feature sets.

“Our PanoVu panoramic cameras provide wide area coverage with outstanding value by enabling one camera to replace up to four standard cameras. In addition to reducing the cost of purchasing multiple cameras, these competitively priced panoramic cameras also greatly reduce installation costs,” said John Xiao, Vice President Marketing, Hikvision USA.

Hikvision PanoVu cameras are available with 180° or 360° fields of view in 8 MP, 20 MP or 32 MP resolution and feature supplemental IR and panoramic lighting to capture clear images in extremely dark environments. All PanoVu cameras employ H.265+ video compression technology for efficient video transmission and storage.

Four different PanoVu configurations are available:

  • Panoramic 180°/360° IR models feature four sensors running high frame rate, full 180° stitched images, up to 32 MP resolution and a 40x optical zoom PTZ.
  • Flexible Series IR models feature four individual sensors with a motorised 2.8 mm – 12 mm auto focus lenses and a track design with gimbals that allows each sensor to be independently placed. Recess mount and smaller form factor units are also available.
  • PanoVu Mini IR models feature three sensors running high frame rates and one PTZ for detailed views.
  • Dual-Directional Series IR models feature a dual-lens design to capture two separate wide-angle views, ideal for specialised use in hallways, parking lots, and retail applications.



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