Hikvision introduces 4K UHD cameras with ColorVu and AcuSense technology

Hikvision has launched an expanded line of 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras, with several models featuring the company’s ColorVu and AcuSense imaging technologies. The new 4K camera series reportedly delivers the next generation of high-performance imaging solutions to a wide range of users for mainstream applications.

“Our new comprehensive portfolio of 4K cameras combines the best in resolution, intelligent features and extreme value,” said John Xiao, Vice President Marketing, Hikvision USA. “This unique offering makes 4K imaging a viable option for virtually any size system and budget, effectively increasing situational awareness and security at every type and level of application.”

The new Hikvision 4K camera series lineup features 17 models in PTZ, bullet, turret, and dome network camera configurations with fixed or varifocal lenses. Designed to deliver superior imaging definition, all of the new 4K cameras produce a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels (~8 MP), which is almost a 400% increase in the resolution relative to conventional 1080p HD cameras. The new enhanced 4K camera series also features H.265+ video compression technology to further reduce bandwidth usage and storage costs with enhanced features such as predictive encoding, noise suppression and flexible bitrate control.

Certain Hikvision 4K camera models incorporate different combinations of ColorVu generation 2 (G2) and/or standalone AcuSense technologies to satisfy specific camera locations and applications. ColorVu technology delivers vivid full color imaging 24/7, eliminating the need for additional lighting or equipment for a wide range of outdoor application as well as dark interior settings.

AcuSense technology reportedly ensures precise detection and distinction of humans and vehicles. The intelligent technology can help reduce false alarms by up to 90%, save time searching through video footage for faster identification, and assist in amassing forensic data for a wide range of incident management and business intelligence applications. Several 4K Value IP models are also available for extreme value with UHD resolution.



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