HUB Security and Getronics announce a €1.3M contract with a multinational company

HUB Security

HUB Cyber Security Ltd have announced that it has entered into a global strategic partnership with Getronics. The relationship between HUB Security and Getronics combines HUB Security’s cyber risk management technology and services with Getronic’s technology solutions and demonstrates HUB Security’s continued commitment to invest in protective measures for its clients and additional capabilities for its partners.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, companies recognise that they need to accelerate the adoption of digital solutions to ensure they remain competitive.

The HUB Security – Getronics partnership brings together HUB Security’s 30-year history (through its Comsec division) in risk identification, threat mitigation and incident response with Getronics’s success in facilitating digital transformation for both workplace and critical business applications.

GetHUB360 is a subscription-based tiered cybersecurity framework that combines the advanced technology and cybersecurity services of HUB Security with Getronics’ security operations centre (SOC).

GetHUB360 allows customers to constantly monitor and analyse digital infrastructure, and then continuously test resilience, assess and manage vulnerabilities, and respond to incidents when they are discovered.

This cooperation has already been successfully introduced to a multinational customer. The agreement, valued at €1.3M+ spans 3 years of continuous, rigorous testing and cyber assessments. Most recently, this investment has already paid off in a cybersecurity incident which was successfully mitigated through the joint HUB360 effort.

Joeri Barbier, Global CISO of Getronics, has a clear vision: “Threat Intelligence is leading the security practice. This is where HUB Security and Getronics have joined forces, developing and implementing a framework of tightly interwoven services that constantly monitor and test the digital infrastructure to respond quickly when needed.”

“The ultimate goal is to improve the cybersecurity posture and continuously monitor and protect against evolving threats,” adds Jürgen Schulze, Sr. Director of Channel and Alliances at HUB Security. “We recognise the importance of smart partnerships to close technology and service gaps in the cyber landscape of joint customers.”


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