HyperMic Technology adds audio to video surveillance

Audio surveillance vendor, InSight Acoustics, is highlighting its HyperMic Technology which provides a solution for upgrading an existing video surveillance system by adding a soundtrack capturing any conversation and sound trigger of interest.

The HyperMic Technology is based on a synergistic fusion of optical and acoustic sensors into a single optically guided acoustic beamforming device. HyperMic can optically track multiple people or any user-selected sound sources, estimate a relative direction to each source and concurrently steer independent acoustic beamformers. The output of each acoustic beamformer is a digital audio stream where the audio content is predominantly comprised of sounds arriving from the direction of the selected source.

The manufacturer states that a typical installation of the HyperMic device on the ceiling at a height of 4m can provide coverage of about 100m2 capturing any conversation and acoustic source in real-time. The platform can store all recorded audio for future scoping providing a forensic toll to go over any incident with audio and video for better and faster perception of events.


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