i-PRO announces support for Genetec Security Center SaaS


i-PRO Co., Ltd. (formerly Panasonic Security), a global leader in professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, today announced support for Genetec™ Security Center SaaS. i-PRO will enable Security Center SaaS support in its new edge AI-enabled cameras while also releasing an app for existing cameras in the field at no cost. Users of AI-enabled i-PRO cameras will be able to simply install an application on the camera to give direct access to Genetec Security Center SaaS. 

“Genetec has taken a bold step forward in providing customers with unprecedented flexibility and scale,” said Hiroshi (Huey) Sekiguchi, CMO, i-PRO Co., Ltd. “Our goal is to offer a wide range of new and existing AI-enabled camera models for customers to choose from when connecting to Security Center SaaS. Most importantly, we want our customers to be able to leverage their existing camera investment when taking advantage of this important new SaaS solution.”

Genetec Security Center SaaS is a highly scalable, enterprise-grade unified physical security solution that is offered as a service and deployed on a hybrid-cloud architecture. It is said to offer ease of deployment and the flexibility for organizations to choose the devices and cameras that work best for their business.

“Security Center SaaS was designed to deliver flexibility and scalability through an open platform approach,” said Andrew Elvish, Vice President, Marketing, Genetec Inc. “i-PRO shares the same core values which makes our combined solution that much more valuable to our shared customers.”

i-PRO AI cameras can deliver 98 different metadata attributes, including unique descriptions such as the color of shoes and bags carried or whether a person has a beard or not, the company says. The cameras also support various 3rd party analytic applications including video and sound to provide operators with unprecedented “event alarm” capabilities for both people and vehicles. 

By focusing on an application-based approach, the intent is to not require existing customers to buy new i-PRO cameras to support Security Center SaaS, the company says.

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