I.X unveils wireless secure eBadge for authentication, data encryption and entrance control

I.X is stating that it has created the world’s first wireless secure eBadge for authentication and data encryption. With the global patent three-key authentication mechanism (Smartphone, IX wireless eBadge, I.X security platform) along with Blockchain technology, I.X provides the highest level of security control over software combining with physical key and the exclusive 2FA secondary identity login verification with electronic signature as approval process. All communication data and messages are encrypted and protected, and not compromised to ensure data security.

I.X Wireless Secure eBadge is the first digital eBadge which has a built-in EAL5+ security chip along with three-in-one wireless encryption that combines employee ID card, door access, and physical key system. The eBadge can provide the administration console for managing and setting employee ID related information. In addition, the eBadge also supports the Mifare door entrance system and can be integrated with I.X 2FA+ and I.X Secure.




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