IDEMIA Secure Transactions launches regenerative sustainability solution


IDEMIA Secure Transaction has announced the launch of GREENPAY Wallet, the latest addition to its portfolio of sustainability services for the payment industry

IDEMIA believes that this new digital solution will bring regenerative sustainability to banks as through this new offer, IDEMIA Secure Transactions enables banks to empower their customers in fostering a greener future, addressing their growing awareness on the topic.

IDEMIA is also convinced that consumers play a pivotal role in the protection of the planet and the regenerative transition. As such, GREENPAY Wallet now allows them to actively contribute to nature regeneration initiatives and social projects all around the world.

The solution consists of two components:

  • For consumers: A software integrated into their mobile bank application to streamline financial contributions to NGO projects. This platform provides easy access to a broad and worldwide spectrum of sustainable projects that contributes to our planet’s ecosystem restoration.
  • For financial institutions: A digital platform to choose impactful projects, scientifically and economically selected, to offer to their clients or to support directly, along with monitoring tools for each project.
A Partnership Championing Regenerative Sustainability

IDEMIA launched its GREENPAY offer in 2020, with the aim of gathering all its partners in the payments industry around sustainability, leading the way at that time by being one of the first companies in the world to bet on recycled PVC for its banking cards.

IDEMIA maintains this leadership through this partnership with Handprint, an actor enabling companies to become a part of the new regenerative economy by integrating planet-positive actions into business activities in a profitable and seamless way.

The regenerative approach chosen transcends the conventional approach of only reducing negative environmental impacts. IST’s ambition is to build a holistic strategy to restore, rewild and revitalize the planet, through environmental and social commitments.

The process of integrating projects into the GREENPAY Wallet solution begins with the careful selection of partners and their reliability.

Each project is analysed in detail to ensure that it contributes to one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and addresses concerns identified by data from the World Bank, Global Forest Watch, or the Environmental Performance Index. The projects are then rigorously monitored through regular reports on each project.

“IDEMIA Secure Transactions has always been committed to sustainability and is aware of its role, as a leader, to mobilise the entire payment industry,” said Julia Schoonenberg, Executive Vice President Payment Services at IDEMIA Secure Transactions. “We are therefore particularly proud of this regenerative solution within our GREENPAY offering.

“We look forward to rolling out this solution with all our partners and continuing to make a difference, for our planet.”

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