IDEMIA introduces Security by Default in all its biometric terminals for access control

OCTOBER 17, 2022
In our hyper-connected world, there is sustained focus on security, especially cybersecurity. Securing physical access must be at the forefront of technological advancements in order to protect sensitive or personal data. Many organizations face increased risk of hybrid attacks, where a physical attack takes place in a building in order for the perpetrator to perform logical attacks on the IT system.

At IDEMIA, we continuously work to ensure that our global policies, processes, internal tools, products and solutions maintain the highest level of security requirements, particularly in terms of cybersecurity. It is our duty to regularly update you about the best security practices, especially at a time where cyber-attacks are on the rise.

Therefore, we would like to introduce an important change to all our biometric terminals for physical access control, reinforcing the security of communication between our terminals and the host application.
For this, we are taking advantage of Cybersecurity Month, an international initiative to highlight our Security by Default approach. It allows users to greatly increase the level of protection for their sites using our biometric terminals, minimizing the attack surface and disabling the features that are not recommended.
Security by default will be enforced for:
– terminals upgraded with the latest firmware version available in October 2022
– newly manufactured terminals as of late October 2022

For more information about this key new security feature (in particular end-user scenarios and security setup for installers), please check our technical bulletin.


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