The Netherlands incorporates LASINK Helios by IDEMIA Smart Identity for new Dutch identity documents


During the recent Identity Week conference in Amsterdam, the Dutch National Office for Identity Data (RvIG) presented the next generation of passports and national ID cards, which are secured by IDEMIA.

The new passports and national ID cards include a new security feature, unique on the market: LASINK Helios by IDEMIA Smart Identity (ISI). It is planned that the documents will be in circulation in Q3 and Q4 2024 and the Dutch authorities expect to produce, on average, 4 million documents per year.

LASINK Helios is a full-colour secondary portrait within a DOVID. It is based on two proven technologies in the ID security market: ISI’s LASINK colour portrait and diffractive optical technology.

The portrait is the critical link between ID documents and their holders and is the most important feature to secure. The secondary portrait validates the main portrait, thus confirming the identity of the document holder and reinforcing security.

The DOVID optical effects of LASINK Helios have been designed to prevent multiple types of ID theft and fraud, and to ease authentication.

RvIG has carried out intensive research into the new passport and ID card models, involving users, inspectors, inclusion groups, experts and the International Civil Aviation Organisation, to optimise the already state-of-the art Dutch travel documents even further.

Through close cooperation between RvIG and ISI, the existing travel documents will be updated in 12 areas, LASINK Helios being only one of them.

“One of the key reasons why we have chosen LASINK Helios for our new travel documents is the ease of inspection,” Renée Ong-de Jong, Research & Development Advisor ID Documents, at RvIG, said. “In times where we need to prove our identity face to face, and remotely, to trained agents and untrained individuals, the visual effects created with this new security feature combine both the highest security and ease of use.

“We are proud to support one of our longest-standing customers with this ground-breaking technology,” added Jacques van Zijp, Managing Director, IDEMIA Smart Identity, the Netherlands. “Taking the security of the Dutch travel documents to the next level is yet another representation of the close partnership we enjoy with the Dutch authorities for the benefit of all Dutch people.

“Through the intensive research and collaboration on this project, we could, together, ensure the optimal outcome.”

IDEMIA Smart Identity (ISI) already provides multiple solutions to the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, beyond the issuance of passports and eID cards. In addition to turnkey solutions to Dutch municipalities and embassies for biometric enrolment of citizens, ISI also provides and manages the central eID credentials register.

Van Zijp further explains the business model: “Outsourcing identity management services, like the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations does, has many advantages for governments.

“Through the unique partnerships that evolve, our customers gain access to expertise from over 40 years on the market. The services are easily scalable, and the governments can focus on their core competences of serving their citizens. All this, while keeping control over the processes and the data.”

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