IDEMIA Secure Transactions receives NFC Forum certification for NFC key cards


IDEMIA Secure Transactions has received the NFC Forum certification for its automotive Near Field Communication (NFC) Key Cards.

By doing so, IDEMIA believe they have become the first company in the world to achieve this and feel that they are demonstrating that they are fully compatible with all NFC-equipped vehicle designed for smartphone-enabled CCC Digital Key, as specified by the Car Connectivity Consortium.

With the compatibility of its automotive-grade NFC Key Cards with CCC Digital Key, IDEMIA state they have allowed automakers to deploy seamless NFC car access solutions to their vehicles. From now on, only one protocol is needed to integrate both physical and digital cards.

“We’re incredibly proud to announce that IDEMIA Secure Transactions has become the pioneering force worldwide to achieve the CR13 NFC Forum certification for our automotive-grade NFC Key Cards,” said Fabien Jautard, Executive Vice President for Connectivity Services at IDEMIA Secure Transactions. “This milestone not only highlights our commitment to cutting-edge industry standards but also solidifies our leadership in the automotive sector.

“By attaining the highest certifications, we ensure the highest level of security, reliability, and convenience in our solutions. This achievement reflects the innovative spirit and expertise of our teams, reaffirming IDEMIA Secure Transactions as the industry frontrunner.”

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