IDEMIA brings fingerprint capabilities to Volusia County


IDEMIA Public Security North America has announced that it has implemented its cloud-native, fully functional Automated Biometric Identification System, STORM ABIS, in Volusia County, Florida to support its latent print unit.

The Volusia Sheriff’s Office is the first law enforcement agency in the nation implementing a cloud-native ABIS that can search county, state, and federal databases from a single application. Volusia County, which is located in the east-central part of Florida, is home to over 579,000 citizens.

Designed by latent print experts for latent print examiners, STORM ABIS users work efficiently to upload, encode, search, and compare latent prints.

As a cloud-native ABIS, each Latent Print Examiner can log into STORM ABIS from wherever they are, securely and conveniently through a web browser to access state-of-the-art biometric matching algorithms.

It supports local and national searches with tools for analysis, comparison, and case management, so users don’t have to log onto different systems.

Independent testing from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) showed that IDEMIA has the most accurate latent print search algorithms and the Volusia Sheriff’s Office has seen incredible benefits with this technology.

The Latent Print Unit typically handles latent print casework for 15-16 different agencies and STORM ABIS has helped increase efficiency and allowed examiners to complete more cases.

“The ease of use stands out for us,” said Lindsay Jones, CLPE, Supervisor of the Latent Print Unit. “We prepare the images for a case, upload it to STORM ABIS, and then run searches for the case.

“With its capabilities, we’ve gone from handling 5 cases a week (per examiner) to 8-15 cases per week! We can now also send searches at the local, state, or federal level at the same time within one application.

“The IDEMIA team has been with us every step of the way, and we’ve loved working with them. The team is knowledgeable and transparent about what we can do with their technology, we’re looking forward to continuing to collaborate with them in the future.”

“We’re honoured to partner with the Volusia Sheriff’s Office and help streamline their processes and further their goals to keep their communities safe,” said Casey Mayfield, SVP, Justice & Public Safety, IDEMIA Public Security North America. “It’s exciting to see the benefits they are already seeing, and to see how they will use the technology to expand their capabilities not only at the local level, but for state and federal cases.”

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