Identiv launch ScrambleFactor; will demonstrate at ISC West 2024


Identiv have introduced ScrambleFactor to their physical access control system (PACS) portfolio and will be demonstrating it at ISC West 2024.

The ScrambleFactor reader has fingerprint biometrics and an LCD touchscreen keypad, which promises to integrate multiple authentication methods.

ScrambleFactor is the latest addition to Identiv’s access control portfolio, offering federal users up to three-factor authentication suitable for secure applications.

This device supports PIN (scramble and standard), contactless RFID (13.56MHz and 125kHz), contact (CAC, PIV, TWIC) and fingerprint biometric verification, which enables it to meet the standards of U.S. government FICAM PIV and CAK validations.

With its 4.3-inch diagonal screen featuring viewing restrictors, ScrambleFactor promises privacy and high security in restricted access environments.

Key features of ScrambleFactor include:

  • High assurance security: Supports comprehensive multi-factor authentication for enhanced security protocols
  • Customisable interface: Offers various keypad layouts with the option to display a custom logo on the home screen
  • Flexible installation: Easily retrofitted into existing mounting boxes or mounted to a double-gang box, ensuring a smooth upgrade path
  • Software compatibility: Requires Hirsch Velocity security management system
  • Future-proof technology: Unlike traditional keypads, ScrambleFactor is a software-driven device, allowing for continuous updates and upgrades, ensuring the system evolves with the latest security technologies and features

“With ScrambleFactor, we’re not just offering another device at the door, we’re introducing a forward-thinking, software-driven solution that stands apart from conventional access control systems,” said Mark Allen, GM Premises, Identiv. “This platform is designed to be perpetually updated and upgraded, ensuring that our customers can always benefit from the latest features and technologies.

“ScrambleFactor exemplifies our dedication to innovation, providing a secure, user-friendly and future-proof access control solution.”

Users can watch a live demo of ScrambleFactor at ISC West 2024, with Identiv located at booth 12089. To read more news about ISC West 2024, click here.


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