IDEX Biometrics receives production order from PONE Biometrics for digital authentication


IDEX Biometrics has received a production order for biometric sensor modules from PONE Biometrics. The IDEX Biometrics sensors will support a variety of next-generation access control solutions with state-of-the-art fingerprint authentication.

PONE Biometrics next-generation open-API smart device, OFFPAD, is usable across FIDO2-certified IAM (Identity and Access Management) platforms, leveraging fingerprint sensor technology from IDEX Biometrics.

The product offering will bring higher-performance authentication solutions to market, optimised for logical access, and targeting highly sensitive security applications within the enterprise, public sector, healthcare, and defence sectors.

Jan-Erik Skaug, CEO of PONE Biometrics, commented, “The unique nature of fingerprints makes them the ideal biometric solution for strong authentication in a convenient and easy-to-use way, enabling a seamless experience for our customers.

“Our collaboration with IDEX Biometrics brings industry-leading technology and systems to the market and supports our disruptive approach for upgraded security through a phishing-resistant device.

“PONE’s next-generation OFFPAD solution, using the IDEX Biometrics sensor solution, is set to hit the market in the second quarter of 2023. Our close collaboration with IDEX Biometrics has been critical in driving this accelerated release.”

Catharina Eklof, CCO of IDEX Biometrics, stated, “PONE Biometrics is offering an innovative solution to address a significant and immediate market need: highly secure authentication that is easy to use and to deploy. As more than 70% of reported security breaches originate through disparate endpoints, such as mobile devices and Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, the OFFPAD solution is a game-changer for organisations that want to avoid the vulnerabilities and burdens of passwords and PINs.

“Close collaboration with innovative technology front-runners like PONE Biometrics enables IDEX Biometrics to take the lead in use cases for biometric-based access solutions. In addition to securing payments, biometric cards are increasingly becoming a standard approach to digital authentication.”


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